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UDT-40- precision thickness gauge with A-scan

thickness gauge UDT-40Precision, not having analogues of Russia, universal ultrasonic thickness gauge with high reliability of the testing. Presence A –scan excludes such typical mistakes at measurement of thickness as doubling of indications, and B-scan allows observing a structure of a bottom of a product. Thickness gauge realizes various ways of the testing of thickness - measurement of time on transition through "zero", measurement of time between signals, and also frequency and correlation methods of measurement.
Presence of the built in contours of the coordination, adjustable width of a pulse and three electric damping allows to use for measurement any transducers with frequencies from 0,5 up to 15 MHz, both single element and dual type. 

  • Range: 3 to 2975 mm
  • Display: LCD/ELD 240 х 128
  • Amplifier: broadband 05-15 MHz
  • Connection any modern transducers
  • Controllable gain: 90 dB
  • Fixing a minimal unit value gauge
  • A-scan, B-scan(mud line products
  • "Freeze" А-signal
  • Correction V-imagery transmission transducers
  • Measurement gauge one after one signal and between two signal
  • Precision indication gauge: 0.001, 0.01 and 0.1
  • Memory configuration (all parameters device and transducers)
  • Memory results with possibility watch on-screen
  • Interface RS232
  • Mains power: 4 Nimh batteries size "D" or external block
  • Minimum 8 hours from batteries
  • Weight 2 kg with batteries

Basic Delivery Set

  • UDT-40 thickens gauge electronic module
  • Electric power supply 220 V
  • Probe cable SR 50-Lemo 2 pieces
  • Two transducers
  • Interface cable RS 233 for connection PC
  • Software support for PC
  • Transport bag

Universal Delivery Set

  • Base delivery set
  • Protective boot
  • Module for batteries size "D" 9000
  • Set batteries NiMh size "D" 9000 mA/hr
  • Universal charging device

Additional implements

  • Adapter circuit for connection to USB to port of the PC
  • Sample of gauge "stupenika"
  • Ultrasonic transducers for diverse application
  • Certificated sample of gauge from different fusion

Technical Characteristics

Calibrition range
min.: 0 - 2.9 mm (steel); 0 - 1 mks
max.: 0 - 2975 mm (steel); 0 - 1000 mks
Sound velocity range
1000 - 9999 m/s
Pulse shift
up to -0,5 mks to 996 mks
50 оhms / 1000 ohms (to 25 ohms in simultaneous mode)
Input impedance
50 оhms / 600 оhms
Sound impulse
quadrangular, amplitude 200V,
with change interval up to 50 to 500 ns,
with step 25 ns
broadband 0.5-15 MHz (-6 dB)
Controllable gain
90 dB, with step 0.5, 1, 2 and 6 dB
positive or negative half wave,
complete, radiofrequency signal
compensate, 0-80% screen height
Inspection zone
two independent monitor gates with individual logic
luminous and sonorous
Measurement resolution
to 0 to first signal in zone or between
signals in zones
LCD with regulate contrast and backlight 
or with regulate brightness
110х65 mm; 240х128 pixels
100 datasets for transducers
750 results of measurements with A-scan, parameters of the transducer, date and time
RS232 or USB
Size transducer
Lemo0 or BNC (optional)
4 NiMh size "D"
Operating time
minimum 8 hours
Mains power
external block power 220V AC
Power consumption
maximum 5W, depending 
on setting parameters
Operating temperature
up to -20 C to +55 C (ELD) 
up to -5 С to +55 С (LCD)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
160 mm x 225 mm x 45 mm
2 kg with 4 batteries size "С"