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Hardness Testers

Dynamic hardness testers

Portable hardness testers intended for express definition of hardness of coating of materials in industrial, field and laboratory conditions a dynamic method.

dynamic hardness tester TEMP-2

TEMP-2М programmed hardness tester with possibility of record to 10 scales of hardness both from the device keyboard, and by means of the PC. Special software allows to count automatically scales and to write down them about the device. The device is equipped by memory on 99 results, functions of averaging, automatic switching-off and so forth.

dynamic hardness tester TEMP-3

TEMP-3 the dynamic hardness tester without memory of results, communication with the personal computer and other functions. Shows values in standard units, transfer in hardness numbers is made manually under the applied table.

Dynamic hardness TEMP-4

TEMP-4 model on the basis of an analogue part of device TEMP-3. Possesses memory on 30 results, built in scales HRC, HB, HV, HSD and two additional scales HX and HX1 for record by the user. Communication with the personal computer is absent.

dynamic hardness TEMP-4

TEMP-4k new cordless hardness tester with the expanded temperature range. Built in scales HRC, HB, HV, HSD and additional programmed HX, HX1, HZ. Communication with the personal computer is absent.

Ultrasonic hardness testers

Devices of measurement of hardness a method of ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI).

UCI hardness tester Inatest

INATEST NEW ultrasonic hardness tester with high accuracy, memory on 6000 results of measurements and built in basic scales HRC, HB, HV, HSD. Communication with the PC .