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Hardness Testers

TEMP-4 - Portable dynamic hardness tester

Твердомер TEMP-4Hardness tester is intended for the local express measurement by a dynamic method of hardness in various products (from a steel, its alloys and welded joints, pig-iron, nonferrous metals, rubber, other materials) on scales of Brinell (НВ), Rockwell (HRC), Vickers (HV), Shore "D" (HSD). Hardness tester has passed National tests (the certificate № 13343), is registered in the National Register of measuring apparatuses of GOSSTANDART of Russia under № 23739-02 and admitted to application in the Russian Federation.
Hardness tester ТEМP-4 on functionality represents the modified variant of device TEMP-3 and allows working in winter conditions (to-20°C). Device TEMP-4 spends hardness measurements directly in hardness numbers (НВ, HRC, HV, HSD); measurements results are averaged; spatial position of the gauge is automatically considered; hardness measurement nonferrous metals, rubber etc. is possible by programming of two additional scales НХ and НХ1.


  • Averaging of measurements results
  • 4 cores and 2 additional scales of the hardness programmed from the keyboard of the device
  • Small dimensions and weight
  • Expanded temperature range
  • Mains power: 2 element "AA"
  • Weight 0.22 кg

Basic Delivery Set

  • TEMP-4 hardness electronic module
  • Transducer
  • Batteries (2 element "АА")
  • Cover

Technical Characteristics

A measurement range on a scale of Rockwell
22-68 HRC
A measurement range on a scale of Brinell
100-450 HB
A measurement range on a scale of Vickers
100-950 HV
A measurement range on a scale of Shore
22-99 HSD
Diameter spherical indentation
3 mm
Hardness of a material indentation
1600 HV
Measurement time
5 s
Minimum weight of a testing product
2 кg (measurement of details with smaller weight is possible at their grinding on a massive plate)
Roughness of a testing surface no more
Ra 2,5
Thickness of a wall of a supervised vessel of pressure or the pipeline
not less than 6 mm
HB, HRC, HV, HSD + 2 additional HX, HX1
Programmable scale
direct from keypad
Automatic calculation and programming of scales by means of the personal computer
Communication with PC
Memory results
Mains power
2 batteries "АА" or via external 
plug-in power unit 3V DC
Operating time
not less than 250 hours
Operating voltage
3 V
Automatic switching-off
after 1,5 min.
Operating temperature
up to -20 C to +60 C
Base Unit Dimensions (H x W x D)
30 mm x 65mm x 135 mm
Weight with batteries
220 g