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Hardness Testers

TEMP-4к - Portable dynamic hardness tester with the built-in transducer

Hardness TEMP-4КWireless hardness tester ТEМP-4к on functionality represents one of updating widely used in the industry serial electronic portable hardness tester ТEМP-4 and allows to work in winter conditions (to-30°S), at the raised temperatures (to +70°С), and also in the conditions of insufficient light exposure thanks to adjustable brightness. The device is intended for express measurement of hardness in various products (from a steel, pig-iron, nonferrous metals, rubber, other materials) in industrial and laboratory conditions on scales of Brinell (НВ), Rockwell (HRC), Vickers (HV), Shore "D" (HSD). Also they can measure strength of steels on stretching Rm according to GOST 22761-77.
Built in the case wireless hardness tester the semi-automatic transducer with the big resource of work has replaceable nozzles, including extended (fig. see diameter 5 mm, length 50 mm), also allow to work as one hand in any spatial position. By means of the extended nozzle, wireless hardness tester allows to spend measurements in remote zones (on gear wheels - on tooth top, on a working surface and in hollows, pulleys, at platens of welded butt and angular seams). Absence of a connecting cable raises reliability hardness tester and stability to adverse influences of an environment.


  • Averaging of measurements results
  • 4 cores and 2 additional scales of the hardness
  • The built-in dynamic transducer
  • Expanded temperature range
  • Mains power: 2 element "AA"
  • Weight 0.35 кg

Basic Delivery Set

  • Electronic module hardness TEMP-4к with the built-in transducer
  • Mains power (2 element "АА")
  • Bag

Technical Characteristics

A measurement range on a scale of Rockwell
22-68 HRC
A measurement range on a scale of Brinell
100-450 HB
A measurement range on a scale of Vickers
100-950 HV
A measurement range on a scale of Shore
22-99 HSD
Diameter spherical indentation
3 mm
Hardness of a material indentation
1600 HV
Measurement time
1 s
Minimum weight of a testing product
2 кg (measurement of details with smaller weight is possible at their grinding on a massive plate)
Roughness of a testing surface no more
Ra 2,5
Thickness of a wall of a supervised vessel of pressure or the pipeline
not less than 6 mm
HB, HRC, HV, HSD and three additional HX, HX1 and HZ
Programmable scale
direct from keypad
Automatic calculation and programming of scales by means of the personal computer
Communication with PC
Memory results
Mains power
2 batteries "АА"
Operating time
not less than 600 hours
Operating voltage
3 V
Automatic switching-off
after 1,5 min.
Operating temperature
up to -30 C to +70 C
Base Unit Dimensions (H x W x D)
20 mm x 59 mm x 165 mm
Weight with batteries
350 g