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Magnetic testing
Coercimeter КIМ-2М 

КIМ-2М - Portable pulse coercimeter, intended for non-destructive testing assurance thermal, thermomechanical or thermochemical processing and as definitions of hardness and mechanical properties of details from ferromagnetic materials in the presence of correlation communication between supervised and measured in the parameters, can be used for grading on marks of a steel and the testing of blankets of ferromagnetic materials. 
The device has 4 base scales: measurement coercimeter forces, measurement of a magnetic induction, measurement of a residual magnetic induction at partial demagnetization and measurement of residual magnetization of a product, and as 10 additional approximate the scales programmed from the keyboard or the personal computer. 
For work in a grading mode, the device has system ASB - the automatic alarm system of defect which has the disconnected sound and visual alarm system at an exit of the measured value for the established borders.

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