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Magnetic testing

Hand-held instrument for coercive force measurement

coercimeter КIМ-2МCoercimeter it is intended for non-destructive testing assurance thermal, thermomechanical or thermochemical processing, and as definitions of hardness and mechanical properties of details from ferromagnetic materials in the presence of correlation communication between supervised and measured in the parameters. The device can be used for grading of metals on marks of steel and the testing of blankets of ferromagnetic materials.
The transducers is an added electromagnet with demountable polar tips and with the gauge of the Holla in its magnetic chain. The principle of work of the device consists in magnetization of a controllable site of a detail with the subsequent demagnetization its accruing field, the fixing of intensity of a field corresponding coercimeter to force of a material of a detail, and measurement of amplitude of a signal from the Holla gauge.
The device is certificated by Gosstandart of Russia RU.C.28.003.A №12287, is registered in the National register of measurements instruments under №22977-02

  • Continuous measurement of residual magnetizations
  • Adjustable quantity of pulses of magnetisation
  • Automatic sound alarm signal
  • Selective averaging up to 99 results
  • Memory for storage of 5000 measurement results
  • 10 additional acales programmable by PC or direct from keypad
  • Powered by 220V plug-in power supply or Li-Ion battery
  • Weight: 1.2 kg with batteries

Basic Delivery Set

  • KIM-2M main unit
  • Transducer
  • Power supply 220V/10V
  • Interface cable RS232 for PC connection
  • Software CD-ROM
  • Protective cover
  • Transport bag

Additional implements

  • Demountable tips for the transducer

Technical Characteristics coercimeter

Base-time measurement values
coercive force,
residual magnetic induction at partial demagnetization,
residual magnetization
Corcive force measurement range
up to 150 А/m to 4500 А/m
by 220 V pulse; pulses quantity can adjust from 0 to 10
by preset current 0-1000 mA in steps of 1 mA
Measurement time
5 sec. at 3 magnetization pulses
15 programmable direct from keypad 
or by PC scales, up to 10 points 
for linear approximation
Indication accuracy
1, 0.1, 0.01 or 0.001 - is
set at programming scales
Mains power
internal Li-Ion battery or 
power unit 220 V AC
Operating time
not less than 5 hours from batteries "АА"
Operating voltage
9 - 12 V
Operating temperature
0 C to +50 C
Dimensions of the electronic block (H x W x D)
205 mm x 115 mm x 50 mm
Dimensions Transducer (H х W х D)
60 mm x 75 mm x 35 mm
Weight with elements batteries
1.2 kg