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Visual and measuring testing

VIК-1 - the complete set of the visually-measuring testing 

Set VIКIs intended for the visual and measuring testing of the basic metal (half-finished products, preparations, products), welded jointss, preparations of details for welding, and also assemblages of connections details.

price list for tool set visual-measuring testingPrices 
(file xls, 92 Кb)

  • Convenient case for storage and transport
  • Instruction on the testing
  • Expanded complete set
  • High quality 

Basic Delivery Set

  • Universal template welder USHS-3
  • Ruler metal GOST 427
  • Magnifier measuring 10х or 8х
  • Magnifier survey
  • Calliper of GOST 166
  • Angle testing 90°, type USH GOST 3749
  • Set of templates radius
  • Set boring shameful
  • Small lamp with elements batteries
  • Marker on metal
  • Instruction on the testing
  • Transport bag