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Piezoelectric transducers 
for ultrasonic inspection

Standard ultrasonic transducers

P111- contact normal single element transducers

P111 - The contact normal single element transducers are intended to reveal the internal defects (cracks, exfoliation, etc.), and also search local walls of products.

P112- contact normal dual PET

P112 - The contact normal dual transducers are intended for thickness gauging and detection of defects (cracks, exfoliation, heterogeneity, etc.) near to a material surface.

P121- contact angle single element  PET

P121 - The contact angle single element transducers are intended for testing of welded and brazed joints, elements of metal designs, pipelines, for detection defects in various orientation (cracks, nonmetallic inclusions, scratches, surface cracks, etc.).

P122- contact angle dual PET

P122 - The contact angle dual transducers are intended for testing of welded joint of various thin-walled objects, including in the presence of the reinforcing bead, and as for testing of various elements metal structures, pipelines and other products made mainly from coarse-grained materials.

chord tupe transducers for testing of polyethylene pipelines

Chord type transducers are intended for testing of welded joint of polyethylene pipes with various diameter and SDR.