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UdProbe - certification of transducers

Using unique possibility flaw detector UD2V-P45 in processing of radio signals, the program allows making automatic measurements of real parameters of ultrasonic echo-signals in time and frequency area with use only standard samples and the PC. The format of representation measurements results corresponds both Russian Gost 26266 and 23702, and to the foreign standard for an estimation of characteristics of ultrasonic selectors ASTM-E 1065. 
Measurement of the reverberation-noise characteristic in a range 120 dB, allows estimating the valid noise of the transducer on any depth of range. The program gives drawing possibility on schedule reverberation-noise of peak-time dependences for different diameters of reflectors that gives the chance to define a parity a signal/noise on any depth of flaws defect, to specify an exact inspection zone in accordance with GOST, to construct in flaw detector curve TCG for the given reflector or to carry out the testing with use of a curve amplitude-distance (DAC).

Possibilities of the program

  • Direct measurement of characteristics echo-signals.
  • Calculation the spectrum of an echo-signal and calculation parameters of a strip on level -6 dB (the bottom and top border, width of a strip, average frequency).
  • Calculation the extent of an echo-signal on level -6,-14 and -20 dB.
  • Measurement of reverberation-noise characteristics transducers in a range 120dB.
  • The press of the passport of the transducer.
  • Preservation of the measured parameters in a file for the subsequent loading and processing.
  • Data transmission through "the Exchange Buffer" in any program Windows.
 Download v2.0.1.0 (716 Kb)

 Description program (hlp, 143 Кb) 

Attention! For activation of program UdProbe it is necessary to receive the registration code adhering the program to yours flaw detector. This code is sent free of charge after inquiry on an e-mail:sales@kropus.ru and messages of identification number of the device (he can be seen in the menu "Registration").
The Literature you can find the fair brochure in section under this program, with a passport example on the transducer.
Program for certification PET UdProbe
Echo-signals in mode radiosignals

Calculation frequency spectr echo-signals

Measurement parameters