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Inspection systems

The new automated system for immersion ultrasonic testing of preparations shaft of aviation engines.

immersion the control of shaft of aviation engines

In December 2007 in "Perm motor factory" LTD the new unique system of the automated testing of preparations shaft of aviation engines has been started in operation.
The system consists of a bed with immersion tank, a drive of rotation, the scanner, system of water-preparation, a control system of electric drives, ultrasonic flaw detector, the personal computer of management and registration.

immersion scanner

100% ultrasonic testing of shaft in diameter 80-500 mm, with length 400-2500 mm and the maximal weight up to 500 kg are provided .

The scanner can carry out movements along an axis of a controllable shaft (axis X), perpendicularly axes of a controllable shaft in a horizontal plane (axis Y), perpendicularly axes of a controllable shaft in a vertical plane (axis Z), and also rotation of the transducer in polar coordinates (axis A and B). 

  • Velocity of rotation of a shaft: 0,1..20 rev/min
  • Diapason of moving on axis X: 2900 mm
  • Diapason of moving on axes Y and Z: 400 mm
  • Accuracy of positioning on axes: not worse 0,1 mm
  • The minimal step of moving: 0, 01 mm

  • The special system of water-preparation consists of pump station and a reception tank in which the system of maintenance of the set temperature of a liquid is established.

    Window program AsnkView
    In system the ASNK-VAL is used the newest ultrasonic industrial flaw detector UMD-100, with the preliminary amplifier. In real time flaw detector displays on the screen of the personal computer the accepted ultrasonic signal, and on a command from the personal computer, makes record of result of the tests over the set step, synchronously with movement of the scanner on axis X, Y, Z or rotation of a shaft - axes W.

  • Frequency range of the amplifier: 0,6-25 MHz
  • Amplitude of an impulse of stimulation: 200V
  • Number of the periods of impulses :1-8
  • Adjustment of duration impulse:10-500ns
  • Discontinuity installation of zones of the inspection: 10ns
  • AsnkView

    The automated system works under control of program AsnkView allowing: to create or use earlier the created model of a shaft, to make adjustment ultrasonic of the channel flaw detector UMD-100, to display 3D model of a shaft during the control over a solid-state and translucent kind with a coordinate grid and without it, to build axial section of model of a shaft for reception of the drawing, to display ultrasonic signals in the form of A, B, and C-scan, completely to document process of the testing and a memory of a database of results. The control system of process of the testing allows observing and correcting work of installation both from a workplace of the operator, and from the removed computer (for example from laboratory NDT).