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Inspection systems

New universal ultrasonic multichannel inspection system of series UPNК with high-speed data processing

Flaw detector multichannel UPNК

New inspection system represents universal modular flaw detector/thickness gauge with the independent parallel channels, constructed on essentially new high-speed architecture of the channel. Having left from the predecessor a principle of construction of the system, new UPNК v2.0 it is constructed on use of two high-efficiency industrial computers with panel LCD monitors - one for input of signals in the real time, the second - for the general management of system, the data backup, communication with other devices of a manufacturing computer network. Item inspection systems consists of two industrial 19 cases Rittal, with established - multichannel flaw detector, a power unit, the industrial block of an uninterrupted power, 2 industrial computers with panel LCD monitors and the printer. The third industrial case - is intended for inspection system of automated management by drives and devices of mechanisation process of the testing (including devices of loading / of an unloading of products). 

Flaw detector multichannel UPNK Flaw detector multichannel UPNK Flaw detector multichannel UPNK

Differential characteristic

  • Independence of all channels and use of 2 computers: processings and managements of work, allows to provide high-speed work of system and to realise various modes of processing of signals in each channel with frequency of parcels to 10 КHz;
  • Possibility of a combination a quality monitoring: simultaneous search defects and definition of their depth occurrence, measurements of a thickness and the geometrical sizes of defects with the water temperature testing in immersion to a bath; the frequency range of the channel - from 500 KHz to 25 MHz
  • The frequency range of the channel - оup to 500 КHz to 25 MHz;
  • Preservation reports of the testing products in the form database file, allows to introduce paperless technology of the testing;
  • Use of network possibilities Windows NT/2000, does possible remote monitoring of a site of the testing and integration of inspection system into uniform manufacturing system of quality;
  • Realisation any ways of the testing is possible: immersion (with synchronization from a superficial signal), the single/dual echo-method, shadow or mirror-shadow methods.

Basic field of utilization

    The automated ultrasonic testing of products
  • in mechanical engineering (the entrance testing of bar, the testing of shaft, cylinders)
  • in an aircraft industry (the testing of disks, shaft and etc.
  • in metallurgy (the testing of forging, moulding, including from aluminium, the titan, etc.)
  • on a railway transportation (the testing of wheel pairs and etc.)
  • in trumpet manufacture (seamless pipes of an oil and boiler assortment, longitudinal pipes for oil and gas grow)
  • in the nuclear industry (thin-walled seamless pipes, welded jointss of tubes, the testing of a thickness of walls of pipes from 0,2 mm, the testing of extent of a contacting-butt welded seam of thin-walled tubes of small diameter and etc.)
  • by manufacture of products from pig-iron (the testing rolling mill and etc.)

Basic Technical Characteristics

    Multichannel block
    19" item with possibility of inspection system to 8 channels in one case.
    The maximum number of channels - to 128
    External item
    19" Rittal
    for management of testing process, display of signals in real time and the general management are used industrial personal computers with processor PIV
    17" and 15" panel industrial LCD monitors
    Operating system
    Windows 2000

The specification of the ultrasonic channel

канал дефектоскопа УПНК v.2
    Calibaration range
    min.: 0 - 2,5 mks
    max.: 0 - 1000 mks
    Pulse shift
    up to -4 mks to 998 mks
    50 ohms / 1000 ohms (to 25 ohms in simultaneos modes)
    Input impedeance
    50 ohms / 600 ohms
    Soud impulse
    quadrangular, amplitude 200 V,
    with change interval up to 33 to 500 ns,
    with step 16 ns
    Pulse repetition frequency
    up to 50Hz to 10 КHz
    broadband 0.5-25 МHz 
    band analogue and digital filters
    Contollable gain
    110 dB
    90 dB
    with curve construction on 10 reference points
    positive or negative half wave,
    complete, radiofrequency signal
    linear, 0 - 80% screen height
    Monitoring gate
    two intependent monitor gates with individual logic,
    sound indication
    Measurement of time intervals
    from 0 to the first signal in a zone or between 
    signals in zones, on signal transition through 0,,
    a frequency and correlation method
    Measurement resolution
    for the time method - 0,5 ns
    for a frequency and correlation method - 0,25 ns
    special high-speed tyre of communication with the PC
    Sockets of transducer
    2 SR50 / BNC