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Inspection systems

4 channel ultrasonic non-destructive inspection system, thickness gauging and the testing of the geometrical sizes of thin-walled pipes

flaw detector multichannel UPNК-4.1

4 channel ultrasonic inspection system on base of flaw detector with the independent parallel channels, intended for non-destructive testing assurance thin-walled hexagonal pipes. Two channels non-destructive testing, one channel thickness gauging walls of a tube and one channel for testing external size of a pipe on reflexion from a surface. Inspection system is supplied by water temperature gauges in immersion to a bath and system of correction of calculations depending on change of speed distribution ultrasonic waves at water temperature change. 

flaw detector multichannel UPNК-4.1Independence of channels allows organizing line high-efficiency 100 % the testing with record of all information on a product. The modular design allows increasing at desire quantity of channels to 8, simple addition of the module in the block of flaw detector. Channel replacement at repair or service occurs also without a call of experts of firm of the supplier since it is not obligatory to serviceman to have special engineering preparation.

Channel replacement occurs without dismantling of the block by removal and inspection system the new module in the chassis. Such design allows making repair without a manufacture stop.flaw detector multichannel UPNК-4.1