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Inspection systems

USКТ-2 Automated ultrasonic inspection system for ultra thin-walled seamless pipes

inspection system for ultrasonic testing USКТ

Inspection system USКТ-2 is intended for the automated ultrasonic non-destructive testing seamless cold-worked and warm-worked ultra thin-walled pipes from corrosion resistant steels and alloys about geometrical parameters of pipes: 
- external diameter: 5 30 mm; 
- a thickness of a wall: from 0.2 mm; 
- length of pipes: 1.7 - 6 m. 

inspection system ultrasonic testing USКТThe electronic part of inspection system is executed in 19 item in the form of modular system on the basis of 8 channel flaw detector 
UPNК v.2 
Measurement of a thickness of a wall of a pipe (with function of temperature indemnification of measurements), measurement external and internal diameters of a pipe, the testing of longitudinal and cross-section defects is provided.

Acoustic the knot is executed in a kind immersion baths with transducers, fixed in high-precision devices of the positioning, allowing making adjustment of position PET concerning object of the testing.
inspection system for ultrasonic testing USКТ

inspection system for ultrasonic testing USКТPreparation and water delivery in immersion bath is carried out by special hydrostation with water preparation system.

Linear moving and product rotation is provided with two devices push tractor the pipes placed with two parties immersion baths. Thus speed of rotation of a pipe and speed of giving joins and regulated separately.
inspection system for ultrasonic testing USКТ

inspection system for ultrasonic testing USКТInspection system is supplied by the automated devices of loading and an unloading of products in length to 6 meters.