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Ultrasonic testing

UCD-50 - New universal ultrasonic flaw detector for expert and industrial application

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector UCD-50
New universal ultrasonic flaw detector with colour TFT a matrix 640х480 and magnificent speed is optimal a choice for the expert testing. Powerful, easy and portable (weight only 2 kg with the batteries), in the ergonomic shock-resistant case from ABS a plastic, the device establishes the new standard for modern digital devices of the manual testing. Flaw detector UCD-50 allows measuring a thickness of products with the big accuracy, to deduce a signal in a form A - and B-scan and possesses all functions on full documenting of the testing, with software UdReport. 
The mode bending around a signal maximum is realized on the basis of special algorithm of device UD2V-P46.
Certificated of Gosstandard of Russia RU.C.27.003.A №27966, is registred in the National register of means of measurements under №34900-07 alsoadmitted to application in the Russian Federation. 

  • Display: Colour TFT 135 x 100 mm (640 х 480 pixels)
  • Amplifier: broadband 0.4 - 15 МHz
  • TGC/DAC functions
  • Work with curve amplitude-interval: measurement in dB echelop signal relative curve and operation LED
  • Pulse repetition frequency: to 800 Hz
  • Monitor gate: 2 independent monitor gates with individual logic
  • А-, В- scan
  • Interface RS232, USB
  • Mains power: LiOn batterie or via external plug-in power unit.
  • Maximal 8 hours from batteries

Basic Delivery Set

  • UCD-50 main unit
  • Batteries
  • Power supply 220 V
  • Cable SR50-Lemo 2 pieces.
  • Four transducers
  • Cable for connection PC
  • Software support for connection PC
  • Documentations
  • Transport bag

Additional implements

  • Protective bag
  • Ultrasonic transducers for different application
  • Standard samples

Technical Characteristics

Calibration Range
min.: 0 - 4 mks
max.: 0 - 1000 mks
adjustable with step 1 mks
Pulse shift
up to -0,5 mks to 996 mks
with step up to 0,02 mks
The maximum length of a testinglable material
to 3000 mm (echo-mode)
Sound velocity range
1000 - 9999 m/s
Proble delay
0 - 100 mks
with step 0,01 mks
25 оhms / 50 оhms/ 1000 ohms
50 ohms / 600 ohms
Probe pulse
radio-frequency pulse, amplitude 50 or 200V
Pulse repetition frequency
to 800Hz (depending on parameters setting)/ 40 Hz
Frequency range
broadband 0.4-15 МHz (-6 dB)
Controllable gain
110 dB, with step 0.5, 1, 2 or 6 dB
Additional button +dB
programming 0-40dB, with step 0,5dB
90 dB, 12 dB/mks
curve recording with maximum of 10 reference
RF(in all ranges),
full-wave, positive and negative half wave, B-scan
0 - 90% screen height
Monitor gate
2 independent monitor gates with individual logic,
sound indication
luminous and sonorous
Sound path measurement
up to 0 to first signal in zone or between signals in zones
Display of amplitude
as a percentage of the screen height,
in dB to reference test echo,
in dB referens to DAC curve
Colour, TFT 640 х 480 pixels 
130 х 100 mm
480 x 300 pixels in a standard mode 
640х480 in full-screen mode
100 datasets with А-signal
500 reports of the testing (signal, measured results, parameters transducers, date, time and name report)
RS232 / USB
Dimensions transducers
2 Lemo0
LiOn 8 А/hr
Operating time
8 hours from batteries
Mains power
220 V AC
Operating temperature
up to -20 C to +50 C
Dimensions (H x W x D)
200 mm x 225 mm x 80 mm
2 kg with batteries