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Ultrasonic testing

UCD-60 - new universal industrial ultrasonic flaw detector

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector UCD-60
New universal ultrasonic flaw detector allowing to take advantage of all riches opportunities of modern digital techniques: to deduce a signal in the form A, B, C-scan, to connect the transducer on way for construction coordinate range of a product, to write down great volume of data, automatically to form reports and to print them directly from the device. Allows to measure thickness of products with high accuracy and correction of V-figurativeness, to spend manual, automated contact and immersion (special and-zone) the testing.
Allows connecting multichannel scanning systems (up to 32 channels). 
Certificated of Gosstandart of Russia RU.C.27.003. A №27905 is registered in the National register of means of measurements under №34808-07 also admitted to application in the Russian Federation. 

  • Display: color TFT 135 x 100 mm (640 х 480 pixels)
  • Amplifier: 0.4 - 20 МHz
  • TGC/DAC functions: 90 dB, 12dB/mks
  • Work with curve amplitude-interval: measurement in dB echelon signal relative curve and operation LED
  • Pulse repetition frequency: to 2000Hz
  • Measurement signal spectrum
  • Monitor gate: three independent monitor gates with individual logic sound indication
  • А-, В-, С- scan
  • Possibility to connect the transducer of a way
  • Connection multichannel scanning system (to 32 channel)
  • Interface RS232, Ethernet
  • Mains power: LiOn batteries or via external plug-in power unit
  • 7 hours battery operation

Basic Delivery Set

  • UCD-60 main unit
  • AC-DC power supply 220 V
  • Probe cable SR50-Lemo 2 pieces
  • Four transducers
  • Interface cable PC
  • Software support for connection PC
  • Documentations
  • Transport bag

Additional implements

  • Protective bag
  • Batteries
  • Ultrasonic transducers for different application
  • Standard samples
  • Scan mechanism
  • Multiplexer

Technical Characteristics

Calibration range
min.: 0 - 2,67mks
max.: 0 - 1000mks
0,01 / 0,1/ 1/ 10/ 100mKs
Pulse shift
-4mks to 1000mks
0,01 / 0,1/ 1/ 10/ 100mks
Maximal length controllable material
6000 mm
Sound velocity range
1000 - 9999 m/s
Probe delay
0 - 100 mks
with step 0,01 / 0,1/ 1 and 10mks
25 ohms / 50 ohms/ 1000 ohms
50 оhms/ 600 ohms
Probe pulse
radio-frequency pulse, amplitude 50 and 200 V.
Damping probe pulse
controllable up to 0 to 15 half-period 
with delay damping up to 0 to 7 half-period
Pulse repetition frequency
20 to 2000Hz 
1/ 5/ 10 or 100Hz
0.4-20 MHz (-6 dB)
100 dB, adjustable in steps 0.5, 1, 2 or 6 dB
70 dB, 12 dB/mкs
RF (in all ranges), full-wave,
full-wave, positive and negative half wave B-scan, C-scan
0 - 90% screen height
Monitor gate
three independent monitor gates with individual logic and sound indication
luminous and sonorous
Measurement resolution
digital display of sound path between zero and the first echo signal
Display of amplitude
as a percentage of the screen height,
in dB to reference test echo,
in dB reference to DAC curve.
color, TFT 640 х 480 pixels 
130 х 100 mm
480 x 300 pixels in basic mode
500 datasets with с А-signal
5000 checking protocol(signal, envelope, measurement result, working conditions, date, time and name protocol)
RS232 / Ethernet
Dimensions transducers
2 SP50 or Lemo0 (under order)
LiOn 8 А/hr
Operating time
7-8 hours from batteries
Mains power
220 V AC
Operating temperature
up to -20 C to +50 C
Dimensions (H x Wx D)
190 mm x 285 mm x 50 mm
3 kg with batteries