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Ultrasonic testing

UD2V-P45.Lite - Modern the digital ultrasonic flaw detector with price like UD2-12/1

ultrasonic flaw detector UD2V-P45.Lite
New digital ultrasonic flaw detector, created for replacement of out-of-date analog devices UD2-12. Keeping opportunities of analog processing and having completely a digital path the device allows carrying out all functions ultrasonic flaw detector UD2V-P45/46 except for preservation of results of the testing and communication with the personal computer. Ultrasonic flaw detector can be modernized in the further up to version UD2V-P46.
It is intended for detection of defects (discontinuity and uniformity of materials) in semi-finished items, finished articles and welded joints, for measurement of depth and their coordinates, measurements of thickness, measurement of velocity of propagation and attenuation of ultrasonic oscillations in a material.
Has the high-contrast liquid crystal display, it is simple and convenient in circulation.
Certificated of Gosstandart of Russia RU.C.27.003. A №16022/1, is registered in the National register of means of measurements under №17498-03 alsoadmitted to application in the Russian Federation, KazakhstanUkraine andRepublic of Belarus. 

  • Range: 3 to 2975 mm
  • Display: LCD 110 mm x 65 mm (240 x 128 pixels) with switchable backlight
  • Controllable gain: 110 dB
  • TGC/DAC function
  • Alarms for gates
  • Pulse echo and dual operation
  • PRF: up to 800 Hz to 40Hz
  • Rectification: RF (in all ranges), full-wave, positive and negative half wave
  • Reject: 0 to 80% screen height
  • Two independent monitor gates with individual logic
  • A-scan image freeze and zoom
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Digital measurement resolution: 0.001 mm up to 10 mm steel
  • Memory: 12 datasets with A-scan and no measurements results
  • Mains power: 4 NiMh batteries size "D" or via external plug in power unit
  • 16 hours operating with backlight
  • Weight: 2.5 kg with batteries

Basic Delivery Set

  • UD2V-P45.Lite main unit
  • AC-DC power supply 220V
  • Probe cable CR 50-Lemo 2 pieces
  • Two transducers
  • Batteries set unit NiMh size "D" 9000 mA/hr
  • Documentations
  • Transport bag

Additional implements

  • Ultrasonic transducers for differently application
  • Standard samples

Тechnical Characteristics

Calibration range
min.: 0 - 2.9 mm (steel); 0 - 1 mks
max.: 0 - 2975 mm (steel); 0 - 1000 mks
Sound velocity range:
1000 - 9999 m/s
Pulse shift
up to -0,5 mks to 996 mks
Probe delay:
0 - 100 mks
50 ohms / 1000 ohms
50 ohms / 600 ohms
Pulse intensity
quadrangular, amplitude 200V,
with change interval up to 50 to 500 ns,
with step 25 ns
Pulse repetition frequency
up to 800 Hz or 40 Hz
broadband 1-10 MHz (-3 dB)
Controllable gain
110 dB, with step 0.5, 1, 2 or 6 dB
curve recording with maximum of 10 reference echoes.
RF (in all ranges), full-wave, 
positive and negative half wave
linear, 0-80% screen height
Monitor gate
two independent monitor gates with individual logic, variable in steps of 1%
sonorous and luminous
Sound path measurement
digital display of sound path between zero and the first echo signal
in the gate or between two echoes in the gates, measurement at echo flank
or peak with trigonometric flaw location.
Measurement resolution
3.125, 6.25, 12.5 or 25 ns depending on PRF
Display of amplitude
as a percentage of the screen height
in dB to reference test echo
in dB reference to DAC curve.
LCD with switchable backlight and 
(110 mm x 65 mm; 240 x 128 pixels)
73 mm x 50 mm; 160 x 100 pixels
12 datasets with А-signal
Interface with PC
Dimensions transducers
2 SR50
4 NiMh size "C" or "D"
Operating time
16 hours from batteries 9 А/hr "D"
with backlight
Power supply
external block 220 V AC
Operating voltage
4 - 10 V DC
Power consumption
maximum 5 W, depending on instrument setting
Operating temperature
up to +5 C to +55 C
Dimensions (H x W x D)
160 mm x 225 mm x 45 mm
2,5 kg with batteries