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Ultrasonic testing

UD2V-P46 - ultrasonic flaw detector
with function full documenting 
results of the testing

ultrasonic flaw detector ud2v-p46ultrasonic flaw detector ud2v-p46ultrasonic flaw detector ud2v-p46

New model ultrasonic flaw detector, combining advantages of device UD2V-P45 with the expanded functions to measure and record results of the testing:
  • simultaneous measurement of amplitude and coordinates position of a maximum signal;
  • simultaneous measurement of distance on-beam and defect coordinates for angle trasdusers;
  • a mode of record bending around a signal maximum in a examination area, with B-scan display;
  • the expanded memory options and results of the testing;
  • software support for several databases of the testing reports on the personal computer with ReportConstructor function
  • full-screen an operating mode (LD-version)
  • possibility to connect one of 7 built-in matching elements, for optimum work with any transducers
The algorithm of record realized in the device bending around a signal maximum differs from similar modes in similar devices of other firms. As a rule, it is a so-called mode "Peak freezing", when the device memory the maximum value of amplitude of a signal in each point of range. Unlike such mode, realized in UD2V-P46 the method allows to construct bending around remembering only on one point in each probing impulse - by position and value of the maximum amplitude of an echo-signal in a testing zone. 
Such mode gives the chance to receive, for example, the move diagramme maximum a signal at cross-section scanning of defect in welded joints and to estimate its conditional extent, and also it is easy to define reflector coordinates at the maximum amplitude of the reflected signal.

screen flaw detector

One more considerable improvement in new model - increased to 100 quantity of options, with record of the A-signal and possibility to input a name of adjustment from the device keyboard, and as possibility of preservation to 750 results of the testing (15 files on 50 results). Each result represents the full report of the testing and consists of an A-signal, bending around a maximum (if the result is kept in this mode), digital value of result of measurement (amplitude and coordinates, distance on a beam and coordinates or speed ultrasonic), all parameters of work of the device, date, time and a name of the result entered from the keyboard of the device. All results can be looked through and renamed further both in the device, and by means of the software on the computer. Software UdReport, allowing completely automating processing results of the testing is for this purpose intended, dividing them on different bases of reports and defining various additional parameters of the testing on the basis of the identifiers containing in a name of result. Besides, the program has function of the designer of the reports, allowing creating printing forms of reports of any kind depending on requirements of the concrete user.
The device is simple and convenient in circulation, certified in Gosstandart of Russia(the certificate RU.C.27.003.A № 16022/1), is registered in the National register of measuring apparatuses under №17498-03 and admitted to application in the Russian Federation, KazakhstanUkraine and Republic of Belarus

 Download operating manual 
(file pdf, english, 536 Кb)

  • Range: up to 2.9 to 2975 mm (steel)
  • Display: LCD or ELD 110 x 65 mm (240 х 128 pixels) with adjustable backlight and contrast
  • Amplifier: broadband 0.5 - 15 MHz, the filtres 1.25, 2.5, 5 and 10 MHz
  • 7 contours of the coordination with face values: 0,66; 1; 2,2; 3,3; 4,7; 6,8 and 15 mkHz
  • Contollable gain: 110 dB
    with step 0.5, 1, 2 and 6 dB
  • TGC/DAC 90 dB, 10 dB/mks
  • Work with curve aplitude-interval: measurement in dB signal relative curve and operation LED
  • Probing impulse: rectangular 200 V, with adjustable duration
  • Pulse repetition frequency: to 800 Hz depending on parameters setting/40 Hz
  • Rectification: positive halfwave, negative halfwave, full-wave, radiosignal (in all ranges)
  • Reject: linear, up to 0 to 80% screen height
  • Monitor gate: two independent monitor gates with individual logic, sound indication
  • "Freeze" A-signal
  • Measurement of a thickness on one signal or between two signals
  • Accuracy of indication of a thickness: 0.001 at thickness to 10 mm
  • Memory datasets options: 100 options with the A-signal and possibility of input of the name of adjustment from keyboard
  • Memory results: 750 (15 files on 50) the reports of the testing consisting of the A-signal, bending around, result of measurement, date, time and the name of report
  • Interface RS232: for transfer of A-range, parameters of work and results of measurements on the personal computer
  • Mains power: 4 NiMh batteries size "D", external block
  • maximal 8 hours work from batteries
  • Weight: 2.5 kg with batteries

Basic Delivery Set

  • UD2V-P46 main unit
  • Power supply 220V/9V
  • Probe cable SR50-Lemo 2 pieces
  • Four transducers. (P111-2.5-К12, P111-5-Кb, P121-2.5-40, P121-5-65)
  • Cable RS232 for connection PC
  • Software support for PC
  • Documentations
  • Transport bag

Additional implements

  • Protective bag
  • Module for batteries size "D"
  • Set batteries NiMh size "D" 9000 mA/hr
  • Universal charging device
  • Adapter circuit for connection to USB to port of the PC
  • Ultrasonic transducers for diverse application
  • Standard samples

Technical Characteristics

Calibration Range
min.: 0 - 2.9 mm (steel); 0 - 1 mks
max.: 0 - 2975 mm (steel); 0 - 1000 mks
Sound velocity range
1000 - 9999 m/s
Pulse shift
up to -0,5 mks to 996 mks
Pulse delay
0 - 100 mks
50 ohms / 1000 ohms (to 25 ohms in simultaneos modes)
Input impedance
50 ohms / 600 ohms
Soud impulse
quadrangular, amplitude 200 V,
with change interval up to 50 to 500 ns,
with step 25 ns
Pulse repetition frequency
to 800 Hz in a mode of the maximum frequency and 40 Hz
broadband 0.5-15 MHz (-6 dB)
the filtres 1.25, 2.5, 5 and 10 MHz
The coordination with PET foreign manufacturers
7 contours of the coordination with face values: 
0,66; 1; 2,2; 3,3; 4,7; 6,8 and 15 mkHz
Contollable gain
110 dB, with step 0.5, 1, 2 or 6 dB
90 dB, 10 dB/mks
with curve construction on 10 reference points
entered manually or from testing reflectors
positive or negative half wave,
complete, radiofrequency signal
linear, 0 - 80% screen height
Monitoring gate
two intependent monitor gates with individual logic,
sound indication
luminous and sonorous
Operating modes alarm
defect in the first zone,
defect in the second zone,
defect in the first and in the second zones,
defect in one of zones,
on DAC - signal comparison
in the first zone from a curve amplitude-distance.
Sound path measurement
up to 0 to first signal in zone or between signals in zones
Measurement resolution
3.125, 6.25, 12.5 or 25 ns depending 
on setting frequency
Display of amplitude
as a procentage of the screen height,
in dB to referencetest echo,
in dB referens to DAC curve
LCD or ELD with adjustable contrast and backlight,
110 х 65 mm; 240 х 128 pixels
73 mm x 50 mm; 160 x 100 pixels
in mode "full-screen": 240х128 pixels
100 datasets with А-signal and name,
750 (15 files on 50) the reports of the testing
Dimensions transducer
2 SR50 or Lemo1
4 NiMh size "D"
Operating temperature
LCD : 12-16 hours (depending on setting);
ELD: 7-8 hours (depending on setting)
Mains power
via external plug-in power unit 220 V AC
Operating temperature
LCD: up to -5°C to +55°C
ELD:  up to -25°С to + 55°С
Dimensions (H x W x D)
160 mm x 225 mm x 45 mm
2.5 kg with 4 batteries